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Process Serving


Let’s face it, until your papers are served you have no case. We get your papers served, and we serve them properly. We are in full compliance with the New York City DCA rules and regulations, and use the technology throughout our business. We serve all types of documents including Summons and Complaints, Subpoenas, Citations, Orders to Show Cause, Motions and more. We are up to date with service rules, and monitor case law and legislation to ensure that all our services will be handled correctly.

We serve the New York City metropolitan area with our own servers, so your affidavits of service can be returned to you almost immediately. We work with a network of servers in New York and throughout the United States to serve your papers anywhere you need them served. Because we have been in business for so long, we have developed relationships with the best companies in the United States who will respond to us very quickly and efficiently.

Domestication of Out of State Subpoenas - CPLR §3119 provides a simple way to have a subpoena from another state be enforceable in New York. LegalEase can take your subpoena to the appropriate County Clerk, have the subpoena issued and then serve the subpoena. Each County Clerk office has its own rules regarding fees and format (this is New York State, after all), and we will handle them all for you.

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