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Skip Tracing and Location


There is nothing more frustrating than sending your process server out with papers only to find that your defendant no longer resides at the address you had. We can find your defendant or witness. We have access to proprietary databases for professionals that allow us to locate people even with minimal information. We use several databases to mix and match the information and utilize the data to make an educated determination on the location of the person we are searching for. In this day and age, it seems that everything is on Google, but it really is not. We use our expertise to narrow down the results until we are able to find the target.

Our Skip Tracing methodology uses publicly available data on the subject, along with the proprietary databases that we access to determine the best address at which the find the defendant or witness. We look at many sources – and put them together with our “secret sauce” – to find your target and get the target served. In order to successfully locate a subject you need to go further than the first page on Google.  We have tracked people through their corporate affiliations, alumni networks, work networks and even though the simple act of using the telephone book.

If you need someone found in order to serve a Summons or Subpoena we can do it for you.

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