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Process Serving

LegalEase can serve your papers locally, nationally and internationally.

All local services are done by our employees which means that your affidavit of service will be back in your hands within one to two business days. We are properly licensed in New York City.

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Court Filing

We can file your papers in any court or administrative agency.

Whether it is in New York or throughout the United States, we are able to eFile for you in New York courts where permitted, and can assist you with your eFiling needs and questions in other courts.

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Records Search

Legal searches for due diligence, background checks and research.

We have years of experience searching public records at all levels of administrative, state & federal. We can file FOIA requests for you and obtain whatever available documents you require.

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Skip Tracing

We can locate your defendant or witness with minimal information.

We use several databases to mix and match the information and utilize the data to make an educated determination on the location of the person we are searching for.

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Our Company

LegalEase Inc. is one of New York’s oldest and most established process serving agencies. We have been in business for over 30 years, and provide quality services to our clientele. We provide legal support services to large law firms, solo practitioners, corporations, banks, and other process serving companies. We speak your language.

Founded in 1985 by former Federal Court clerks and practicing attorneys, LegalEase has been in the forefront of legal support in New York City. Our services include process serving, public record research, document retrieval and court filings, competitive intelligence, and skip tracing. We specialize in the hard to serve, and the hard to find. Over the years we have achieved a reputation for quality, speed, accuracy and honesty. We will get your job done, and we will get it done right and that’s a promise.

The LegalEase Difference

What makes us different from our competitors? We are a boutique legal support company where you can always speak to a principal about your job. We have been in business for 30 years and know how to achieve the results you desire. We ask the right questions and are able to fulfill your needs quickly and efficiently. If a service has to be done outside of our immediate service area, where we use only our employees, we send our work to independent servers with whom we have a longstanding relationship. We pay top dollar for our work and expect anyone to whom we send the work to be responsive and professional.

Some people think that process serving is simply messenger work, but it is not. We must be up to date with technology and with civil procedure laws and rules as well as case law. If we don’t do our job properly, you, as our client, cannot do your job properly, and we take our responsibilities very seriously.

We are proud to say that we have clients today who were clients when we first went into business back in 1985. That speaks volumes about the attention we give and the results we get for our clients.

NY Process Service

New York Process Service

We are in full compliance with the New York City DCA rules and regulations, and use the technology throughout our business. We serve all types of documents including Summons and Complaints, Subpoenas, Citations, Orders to Show Cause, Motions and more. We are up to date with service rules, and monitor case law and legislation to ensure that all our services will be handled correctly.

We serve the New York City metropolitan area with our own servers, so your affidavits of service can be returned to you almost immediately. We work with a network of servers in New York and throughout the United States to serve your papers anywhere, anytime. From years in the industry, have developed relationships with the best companies in the United States who will respond to us very quickly and efficiently.

Court Filing

Court Filing

Paper filings are going away, but LegalEase is still available to file your documents in court. We can become your authorized eFile agency and eFile your documents if you desire. We are experts in sealed filings in both state and federal courts.

All filings are done on your time frame and we send you back your stamped copies by email and hard copy.

Records Research

Public Record Research

We are able to locate all public records which may be found in courthouses, county clerks, government agencies and courts. Sometimes you need old case records, or mortgages or deeds – we can obtain these from their repositories. There is a difference between public records and public information.

Public records used to contain a wealth of private information, including Social Security numbers, dates of birth, driver's license numbers, medical information and financial account numbers. Recent legislation has mandated that much of this information be redacted from public filings, but it is still possible to obtain a great deal of information from the documentation that is available.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing and Location

There is nothing more frustrating than sending your process server out with papers only to find that your defendant no longer resides at the address you had. We have access to proprietary databases for professionals that allow us to locate people even with minimal information. We use several databases to mix and match the information and utilize the data to make an educated determination on the location of the person we are searching for.

Our Skip Tracing methodology uses publicly available data on the subject, along with the proprietary databases that we access to determine the best address at which the find the defendant or witness. We look at many sources – and put them together with our “secret sauce” – to find your target and get the target served. We have tracked people through their corporate affiliations, alumni networks, work networks and even though the simple act of using the telephone book.

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